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THANK YOU Todd- Free Give Away Contest

When I started doing portrait photography it was mostly for fun. All I had was a desire to create something which just made me smile. As it turns out, as time has gone by I’ve found more and more that my photography made others smile as well. Dare I say that they almost enjoyed […]

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Pardon Our Mess – Under Construction

Please forgive the mess that I’ve made around here lately. Currently I’m in the middle of making some pretty serious changes to my little operation which have me extremely excited. Those changes include an overhaul of my web page to allow for much easier access to the good stuff. Social media (I’m looking at […]

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How to Select Photo Favorites

The Kenshin Photography website is designed to allow you to view and select your photos from your session.

1) Visit http://photos.kenshinphotography.com/view to locate your photo gallery. Enter your password if required.

2)  You will see a thumbnail view of your photos. Click on an individual photo to view a larger larger version. While in a larger view, […]

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Photo Contest

Win a FREE 30 minute professional photo session with Kenshin Photography at Otakon 2014 in Baltimore, MD. That’s right, you can win a cosplay photo session valued at $125 absolutely free just by sharing your most awesome cosplay with me. Even better, the cosplay […]

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Femme Fight – Editing

There’s always the question over how much Photoshop editing goes into my photos. While some of the more elaborate photos might get a few hours worth depending on the scope, most only get minor corrections. Tink Girl Cosplay agreed to let me post a video working on her latest shot.

I sped up the video from the normal […]

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Suckered – Lighting Diagram

My most recent cosplay with Calypso Cosplay (https://www.facebook.com/CalypsoCosplay) has been getting it’s fair share of attention since posting it. I’ve had a recent influx of new fans as a result and some have been asking about how it was made; what was Photoshopped, what was real, how was it lit, etc. In the coming […]

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Mane Attraction Shoot

Special thanks to Mane Attraction for letting us set up shop in the salon tonight for an NAHA award entry. Of course I’m rocking all of my Paul C. Buff gear.

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Holiday Time

Sneak peek of my impromptu holiday shoot with Keely Madison. The simple fact that I’m working on a holiday theme a month in advance is pretty amazing for me.

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Changing it up

Had a really fun shoot today at Union 206 Studio. It was a nice change of pace to be able to switch up my style a little and keep it simple. Usually my shoots require a fair bit of planning, wild costumes and and 3 or 4 light setup. Today however I got to keep […]

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Blood and Guts Run – Coming Soon.

Thanks for your interest in the photos we took at the Blood and Guts 5K Run in Aldie, VA. We had a great turn out at the event and shot a ton of photos. Due to the high volume it will take us a few days to get them sorted and uploaded. Check back […]

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